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Wildlife Control


Habits: Raccoons love to eat whatever they can find. Which means they love all the food we waste. You can find them in the garbage and the garden. They are cunning animals who will work as a team to solve a problem. We have seen raccoons rip off roofs of homes and destroy vacant houses.

Raccoons are a Rabies Vector Species


Skunk removal

Habits: A female skunk likes to hide in a secure place to have her young. This is often in a accessible shed or under a porch. You know it when you have skunks, the smell is unforgettable. Skunks will dig in your grass looking for grubs leaving cone shaped holes in the process.

Skunks are a Rabies Vector Species

Wildlife and Bat removal in Connecticut

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  We provide animal removal in Connecticut for animals such as raccoons, bats, squirrles, groundhog, skunks. We trap and remove as per Connecticut trapping and removal laws. To get a quote over the phone call our office today

Bat Exclusion Service  ​- ​ We install a one way door/s that way they get out but cannot get back in. Then we will seal up all other possible entries into your home. Our bat work comes with a 5 year guarantee that stays with your home no matter who you may sale it to. Call us today to set up a FREE inspection to stop bats and other wildlife from living in your attic.

For service call (860) 446-7500 or go to our contact page and send us a message.

Groundhog removal  - A.K.A Woodchuck

Habits:  Groundhogs will dig under large rocks, sidewalks, patios and anything else that might channel heat into their den. They often have more then one den and more then one entrance to the den. A female will move her young around her dens to keep them safe from predators. No garden is safe from a groundhog, they love the fruits and veggies we grow. It is recommended that a garden be raised and/or have a curved metal meshing buried 3 feet down to stop them from digging under it.

Office: (860) 333-6288

 Fully Licensed With State of CT

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CT LIC # B-3148, S-5842


Bat removal

Habits: A single bat can eat 10,000 or more insects a night. They love to roost high and are great at finding the smallest holes into your building. With all the good work they do its hard to say get rid of them. However, they leave behind some nasty droppings that can lead to mold and other airborne bacteria and viruses. You don't want them in your home but you definitely want them around your house.  With a bat exclusion we install a one way door at their entrance and seal all other possible entrances. After the bats are out we take down the door and seal the hole.

We also provide cleaning and sanitation services for bats.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels spend their days collecting and burying acorns. They love to nest high in trees. When a female is impregnated she will want to get away from the males and often end up in your attic. She will load it up with acorns and lay a litter of 2-6 pups. A female squirrel will chew right through your home if you try to seal her away from her babies. When caught they must be taken 10 miles away from your home or over a large body of water, otherwise a female with pups will be back in days.

Bee Smart Wildlife Removal - Raccoon, skunk, bat, squirrel, groundhog in connecticut
Bee Smart Pest Control LLC BBB Business Review

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