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Mouse exterminator

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Norway Rat

Habits: Norway Rats love to burrow into the ground. You will find them in rock walls, under slabs, or in old abandoned buildings. The Norway rat will eat anything its nose leads it to. They have become a problem in almost every corner of America.

Mouse extermiantor

Roof RAT

Habits: All rodents can climb, the roof rat however is the best of the best. They can get to almost any spot on any structure and are masters at figuring out how. The food we keep nicely packaged and stored away is a free store for a rat. With a nose that can smell better than a dog and incisors that can cut iron, they have little trouble finding or getting into anything.

Deer Mouse


Habits: The Deer Mouse will typically stay on the lower floors of a home. They have no problem making your basement insulation theirs. They will spend the summer bringing acorns inside to hoard for the winter time.

Mouse Control Services - (860) 446-7500

Mice are experts at entering a building. They can bend stretch and climb their way through almost any obstacle. Able to reproduce at alarming rates rodents can quickly make areas of your home, thiers. To stop a mouse issue we can typically preform an exclusion service to seal the home and remove the mice living inside. No need for posion and dead mice in the walls. We just shut the door so they can't get back in.

For commercial serviec please contact Chris @ 860-501-1010

Rodent Exclusion Service

  1. Inspect and locate entrances
  2. Seal all possible entrances
  3. Trap and remove rodents living inside
  4. Follow-up to make sure the problem is solved
  5. (Option) Sanitation service - For sanitation service we can clean and remove soiled insulation & reinstall new insualtion. We can clean out a attic, basement or crawl and make it fresh n' free of rodent droppings.

For a free inspection and quote from one of our mouse experts call us at (860) 446-7500 or go to our contact page and send us a message.

Bee Smart Pest Control LLC BBB Business Review

common House Mouse

Habits: The Common House Mouse loves the insulation in the walls and are experts at finding food in our homes which gives them all the energy needed to reproduce at a rapid rate.

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