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Rodents are masters at getting into our homes. The spend most the summer outside but will frequent a building to stock there winter nest with food. If left unchecked they can reproduce at alarming rates. Rodents leave fecal matter and urine all over the building they inhabit. This can lead to infections and allergy issues. To put topping on the cake, mice are excellent chewers and climber. Meaning they can get to places in your home you didn't even know where there. Call our experts today and have you rodent problems solved with the sharp eye of our highly trained techs and a mouse exclusion service guaranteed in writing. Find our phone number above or below. If you are on a device just click the phone icon at the top of the page.

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With our exclusion service your buildings will be freed of the mice living inside and all the exterior entrances will be sealed. We follow up within every 14 days until no rodents are found inside. We use a mixture of materials to seal your home, none are toxic. Call us today for a free inspection and to talk in detail about what we can do for your property.

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​Norway Rat

Description: Norway rats are similar to the roof rat. Except they have a brown coat with rounded ears and a stubby nose. The tail and ears are hairless.

Habits: Norway rats love to burrow into the ground. You will find them in rock walls, under slabs, or in old building that are left unused. The Norway rat will eat anything it's nose leads it to. They have become a problem in almost every corner of America.

Mouse extermiantor

Roof RAT

Description: The roof rat has a long tail that keeps it balanced as it makes its way around in the world. They can be 13 - 18 inches from nose to the tip of the tail. The coat of the roof rat is a grey color that can be mottled with brown or even black.

Habits: All rodents can climb, the roof rat however is the best of the best. They can get to almost any spot on any structure and are masters at figuring out how. Rats are very opportunistic meaning they love to eat an easy meal. The food we keep nicely packaged and stored away is a free store for a rat. With a nose that can smell better then a dog and incisors that can cut iron, they have very little trouble finding or getting into our food.

Deer Mouse

Description: The deer mouse is about 7 inches in length from nose to the tip of its tail. The easiest way to spot the difference between a house mouse and a deer mouse is the definition between the upper and lower coat. As seen in the picture the deer mouse has a almost pure white under belly.

Habits: The deer mouse will typically stay on the lower floors of a home. They have no problem making your basement their home. They will spend the summer bringing acorns inside to hoard for the winter time. Typically they are neither seen nor heard inside a house until the acorns arrive.

common House Mouse

Description: The house mouse is a tiny mouse, about 3 - 4 inches from head to tail. They have rounded ears and grey brown coat. 

Habits: The house mouse has learned to live among us. They love all the crumbs we leave behind. For those who keep a tidy house, don't worry they will be happy to just chew through the box or bag. They will live just about anywhere in your home but prefer the insulation in your attic.

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