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German Cockroach

Description: The German cockroach is 1/2 - 5/8 inches in length. They have a pale pronotum with two dark brown stripes.

Habits: The German cockroach has made its way around the world. They have infested our cities, especially our kitchens. The German cockroach will hide during the light hours of the day in the dark damp cracks and crevices around the kitchen and bathrooms of your home. They multiply fast and their fecal matter can cause allergic reactions.

American Cockroach

Description: American cockroaches are approximately 1-1/2 inches long and reddish brown, with fully developed wings that cover the entire length of the abdomen. Both male and female have fully developed wings.

When indoors, adults are usually found in dark, warm areas of basements, crawl spaces and around bathtubs, clothes hampers, floor drains, pipe chases, and sewers.

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Last Update: 02-20-2018

Wood Cockroach

Description: Wood cockroaches are a medium brown color and 1 inch in length. They have fully developed wings that allow them to fly.

Habits: Wood cockroaches like to be in the woods and leave littered floor. They are not typical problems in our homes. Typically if you have one inside, he doesn't want to be there, though occasionally they do infest. They are decent flyer, that will take flight when frightened.

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Brown Banded Cockroach​

Description: Brown banded cockroach are about 1/2 inch in length. You can see a brown cross on the protnotum. This is less visible in the males who will have wings.

Habits: Brown banded cockroaches prefer warm, dry places. You will find them around the motor on your appliances or inside your electronics.


​Cockroach Treatments

Cockroach service requires an inspection, though we may be able to provide a budget range over the phone . A cockroach service involves an initial services to clean out most of the population the 6 follow-up services. For large commercial accounts we off monthly maintenance treatments.

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