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Small Nuisance Ants

The worst of the small ants in CT is the Odorous House Ant (Tapinoma sessile). These ants come prepared to fight. Often having colonies of a million ants, they can invade a entire home quickly. Small ants love to forge off crumbs and are excellent at finding enough water off pipes to survive.

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Bee Smart Pest Control LLC BBB Business Review
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Wood Destroying Ants

There are a few species of carpenter ants. They largest being (Camponotus pennsylvanicus). It is a misconception that carpenter ants eat wood. What they love to do with wood is evacuate tunnels and living chambers. Like us they see wood as a great way to build a home.

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In Connecticut, we have about 25 species of ants. Only a few really become a problem for a homeowner. The two ants that bug us the most are carpenter ants and small sugar ants. No matter the name we will attack them using their biology against them. The worker ants either tracks our materials back to the colony or carries our baits back. Then the treatment transfers by contact or by feeding the colony the bait. Either way it will make its way to the queen.  Without a queen to resupply the troops the colony will collapse. As an added benefit, the exterior treatment we provide will stay in place to protect your home from ants for months to come. If you are ready to be ant free then call us today for a no obligation quote over the phone or a FREE inspection.

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